Hello World.




My name is Tim. As I already mentioned, I am a young student from Austria who also happens to have a great passion for programming. But there are many other topics that I can’t stop talking about.

And since I find it difficult to describe myself in sentences, I’ll just throw some buzzwords together:

var tK = new Person("Tim","Kicker");

tK.State = "Austria";
tK.Interests = {"Linux",
                "Data curation",
                "Privacy Guardance"};

tK.FavGames = {"Half-Life 2",
               "Lego Universe",
               "Far Cry 3",
               "Portal 2"};

tK.FavLang = "CSharp";
tK.LeastFavLang = "JS";
tK.FavColor = Color.Black; 
            // if that's a real color?

I explained some things on my faq page and if you want to read my stuff without javascript, please take a look at the alternate frontend.

Keep in mind: You can always support me, if you want to!

Also please feel free to leave me a message! (comment, mail, twitter, github,…)